Community Reflection Inc. is extremely grateful for the legal services provided by our lead Proposition 47 attorney Marcus Musante.

Marcus Musante¬†graduated from Loyola Law School in 2004 and joined the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office.

For seven and a half years, Marcus prosecuted some of the most serious and high-profile cases in the County. Mr. Musante left the DA’s office with a 96% trial conviction rate.
In 2012, Marcus joined a private defense firm and opened up his own law practice last year. In 2015, he moved to Compton to work and to live. He is currently handling very serious high-profile cases and has been offering free legal clinics and services to various Churches and Veterans organizations in and around Compton.
Marcus has dedicated his entire professional life to the criminal justice system. Experienced on both sides, he has a unique perspective and deep understanding of the balance necessary to achieve Justice.
Convinced that the system is no longer effective or justified, i.e. 75 Billion dollars a year spent on incarceration and more jails and prisons than schools and universities, Marcus is running for Congress in the 44th District.
Mr. Musante believes that fair punishment is what defines Justice and the time has come for better balance. His vision is that criminal justice reform begins with Prison Reform and in providing opportunity for those once released.
Marcus supports and believes in Proposition 47 as a good start and hopes to build on the Peoples’ willingness to make change happen.