Yesterday, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a motion to move towards full implementation of Proposition 47.

Last November, California overwhelmingly voted to approve Prop. 47. The mandate from the voters was clear: invest in people, not prisons. Yesterday’s vote was a huge step in fixing our broken criminal justice system.


My sister in the struggle and our Vice President of Policy, Karren Lane said it best, “we are in a moment of unprecedented opportunity, an opportunity to correct the course of history. For too long we put people in jails, instead of investing in treatment and prevention.”

Over the next year the County will:

  • Direct departments to identify people eligible to change their records.
  • Create a task force to connect individuals with Prop 47 convictions with jobs and support services.
  • Create a process for community input on how Prop 47 funding is spent.
  • Increase transparency in the Sheriff and Probation department budgets.

Thank you to our members and the following organization for doing the work:

Los Angeles Community Action Network, LA Voice, A New Way of Life, Homeboy Industries, Advancement Project, Californians for Safety and Justice, Communities in Schools Greater Los Angeles, CHIRLA, and SCOPE.

Forward Stance,

Alberto Retana
President & CEO, Community Coalition

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